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Delivery Information.....

We hope you are well,

Our aim has always been to deliver you top quality Fish & chips so we just wanted to let you know about a small update we have made to our delivery system.

The decision has been made to temporarily stop ASAP orders being placed,
we feel over the past couple of months we have been at times struggling to offer deliveries promptly. Having ASAP orders enabled is adding too much pressure and also gives us no control over when orders come in, meaning 10 orders could come in a space of a few minutes, and being able to deliver these promptly is near impossible. 

So we have made more time slots available, these slots are 20 minutes apart and allow 2 orders per slot to be placed hopefully making it more manageable. We aim to deliver these orders within 30 minutes of your slot so for example, "you order in the 16:20 - 16:40 slot we would aim to have this with you at the latest by 17:10". Obviously at certain times when we are extremely busy this could be longer but we are hoping with this new way in place we should be able to keep up much more.

We would strongly advise that you place your order as early as possible to secure your desired slot.

If you order via the app you should receive order updates so you can always know what is going on, and if you don't use the app, if you keep the order screen up after you order then the status will update.
If you would like to download the app please click HERE and remember to enable notifications. You can save your address details, payment information and get notifications making it much easier to order.

Please see our current delivery area, if you live within in this area and are unable to order please let us know by clicking HERE so we can add your post code to our system.


We will evaluate this over the next few weeks and make tweaks if needed, we are confident this is the solution. 

As always we thank you for your continued support 

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